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image Osaka castle(大阪城)
Osaka Castle, which is a famous landmark, a popular sightseeing spot, and the symbol of Osaka.

image Nakanoshima(中之島)
Nakanoshima Park is a waterfront park nestled between the Dojimagawa and Tosaborigawa rivers. The park, about 1.5 km in length and 10.6 ha in area, is an urban oasis filled with greenery attracting a lot of citizens.

image Rose Garden(バラ園)
This garden, occupying the east side of Nakanoshima Park, is so spacious and tranquil that visitors can easily forget that it’s located right in the city-center. It is divided into three areas: Bara-no-Niwa, Bara-no-Komichi, and Bara-no-Hiroba, where some 4,000 roses consisting of 89 cultivars come into full bloom each May.

image Umeda(梅田)
Umeda is the center of Osaka.
There are many head offices and branches of Japanese major commpnies.
So many people come to Umeda every day.
For these people there are 5 departments and massive electronics department store many
Shopping areas and numbeerless bars in Umeda area.

image Umeda Sky Building(空中庭園)
Umeda Sky Building has been chosen as one of he 20 buildings around the world on British magazine and it is popular among foreign visiters.
Visiters can enter only the observation floors(the 39th 40h floor)
You can give a sweeping view of Osaka from these floors.
It’s recommended to visit there around sunset.

image The Osaka Museum of Housing and Living(くらしの今昔館)
The Osaka Museum of Housing and Living is a remarkable facility located in the northeastern part of the Kita Area. The museum has re-created buildings and streets that show what life was like in Osaka in the past. A model of the entire city during the Edo Period, the only one of its kind in Japan, is housed in the building. Visitors can learn all about Osaka’s development, experiencing via interactive exhibits the different ways of life in the city during different periods of its history.

image Tenjinbashisuji Shopping Street(天神橋商店街)
The “Tenjinbashisuji Shopping Street” stretches approx. 2.6km north to south, and boasts of being the longest straight shopping street in Japan. Approx. 600shops varying from good old specialty shops to quite business-minded idea shops, and literally Osaka-like restaurants. Drop by here and there, invited by the smile at the storefront, and you will be filled up both in your stomach and heart. We suggest going there on the way to worship at Osaka Temmangu or to give your spirits a fillip on New Year’s Day!

image Osaka Temmangu Shrine(天満宮)
Osaka Temmangu Shrine is the most famous of all the many Tenjin shrines located throughout Japan. Fondly called Tenjin-san, every July it hosts the Tenjin festval.

Dotombori is famous shopping street area.
Any TV program or guidebook introduce Osaka surely Dotombori.
Particularly,the shopping district and neon nearby Ebisu bridge is famous.

image Kuromon Market(黒門市場)
Kuromon Market is fish market.
You can eat fresh fishes in the market .


At Shinsekai area is a famous place to enjoy local cuisine as well as old Osaka townscape.
Tsutenkaku is symbol of Shinsekai or Osaka

image Sumiyoshi Taisha(住吉大社)
Sumiyoshi Taisha at southern Osaka is known as one of most poplar shrine a lot of worshippers come for praying during New Year period.

Osaka cycling Tour Booking

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