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Osaka round trip with bicycle tour

Osaka round trip with bicycle tour

Osaka is compact city and Osaka has many tourist spots with a radius of 5km
We can move from a spot to next spot easy by bicycle.
so,it’s convenience a bicycle for travel around Osaka.

Most of tourists would visit to only famous spots in Osaka
unfortunately,they would not visit to other place in Osaka even though there are nice places in Osaka…I was born and raised in Osaka…so,i know very well every inch of Osaka.

I will show you deep or unique local places(not in guidebooks…not famous among tourists)…you could catch a glimpse of a local daily life…what they are talking,eating and buying.

We will stop over at Osaka fish market…Then we will  have a lunch at the fish market…I will take you my favorite restaurant in the market…we will go to a foot spa end of the cycling…you can refresh your foots…and I will show you some my best photo points and teach you Osaka dialect!!!

I will give you the best memories of your Osaka trip
Won’t you try going around Osaka?

Course :
We will start from a longest shopping street in Japan…Osaka castle is a one of famous tourist spot..we will stop over at Osaka fish market.There are many fresh fishes,fruits and nice small restaurants in the fish market.Osaka river side is a oasis for Osaka people and the foot spa is my secret spot!

Those places are known to local people(not in guidebooks…not famous among tourists)so,if you want to different experience with others,you should join my tour…. I will show you normal and essential life in Osaka.

Sure,It’s possible my course is also flexible,if you’re interested in a place not listed, please let me know (in advance if possible!)

Notes :
・In Japan, we don’t need to wear a helmet when we’re on a bicycle…so, i won’t provide you a helmet.
・Not include meal
・Please wear comfortable clothes on the day.
・don’t forget your camera!!!

Osaka Cycling Tour Booking






Osaka Cycling Tour Booking

Inclusions :
・Rental Bicycle
・Teach Osaka language
・Drink (mineral water)

Exclusions :
・Meals…(We will stop over at Osaka fish market…Then we will  have a lunch at the fish market…I will take you my favorite restaurant in the market)
・Transportation fee
・Admission fee

Departure time : 10am
Duration : 5 hours (approx)

Please wear comfortable clothes on the day.

Instagram IG : osaka_traveler_
facebook : @osakatraveler

If you have any inquiries about tour to us, please feel free to send your message to DM
we look forward to joining you to our tour

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