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Nara Trekking Cycling Tour

Nara Trekking Cycling Tour

most of famous tourist spots in Nara are the Great Buddha at Todaiji temple,Kasuga-taisya,and Nara park.
So,most tourists visit to there…unfortunately,they would not visit to other place in Nara even though there are nice places in Nara.

Our tour is strolling around in the old town with bicycle and go to the mountain for trekking with the cable car.

First, we will stroll around in the old town with bicycle….There are the site of a castle, a lake,old houses and goldfish farms in the old town.

You can play goldfish scooping

(“Goldfish scooping” is Japanese traditional game in summer festival…

You need to scoop goldfishes in a basin with a scooper. The scooper is made from a thin sheet of Japanese paper, so you need to be careful so that a paper will not be torn apart while you are playing)

After cycling tour, we will go to the mountain side for trekking with cable car.

The trekking course is for beginner(about 45minutes walk from the cable station)

you can give a sweeping view of osaka from the top of the mountain

And we will stop over at a mysterious temple in the mountain.

This temple is famous of giving good luck for money.

Those places are not tourist spots…So,you could catch a glimpse of a local daily life…what they are talking,eating and buying.

My tour will give you the best memories of your trip!!!
We look forward to joining you to our tour!!!

If you have any inquiries about tour to us, please feel free to send your message to DM

Hosting fee : 12,000JPY(per person)

Duration : 1day(cycling tour : 3 hours and walking tour : 3 hours (approx)

Meeting poit : Pick up your hotel in Osaka

Inclusions :

・Rental Bicycle

・Goldfish scooping game(two games)
・Trekking tour
・Teach Osaka language

・Drink (mineral water)

Exclusions :
・Transportation fee
・Admission fee

Please wear comfortable clothes on the day.

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facebook : @osakatraveler

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