Kakigori (かき氷・Shaved Ice)

It’s getting hot in Japan…so, hot weather is the perfect time for Kakigori (かき氷)

Kakigori (かき氷) is a Japanese shaved ice dessert flavored with syrup and a sweetener, often condensed milk.
It is a popular dessert in Japan in summer.

You can easy to find Kakigori shop anywhere in summer.
But,you could not easy to find a delicious and cheap Kakigori shop.
This is the best Kakigori I’ve ever had…and the best in Osaka.

I ordered Maccha(抹茶) flavored with condensed milk…The Maccha syrup was so rich flavor.
And the Kakigori was so softy…It melts in my mouth in a moment…

This Kakigori is directly managed ice shop…so it’s delicious!!!
It worth to going to eat the Kakigori (かき氷)!!!

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