Good-bye Sakura season in 2017

Sakura trees stretch about 4km along both of this riversides
unfortunately…Hazakura(葉桜) are getting coming out.

Hazakura is a term that refers to Sakura trees during the period after Sakura blossom falls and the trees start to sprout new leaves until the Sakura trees are totally covered with new leaves of tender green, or to such scenes.
so,Sakura season is really over.

And Sakura season is Sad… actually,Sakura is beautiful… but,Sakura season is sad season for Japanese.
because,It’s time of “meet new friends” and “leave old friends ”

the month of March, Japan holds graduation season . The new school year starts in April. Japanese  consider spring to be the season when people make
transitions new beginnings in their lives.

Opss! I forgot tell you….you still have a chance to see Sakura  in a mountain side of Kyoto, Kobe, Nara and Osaka until end of this month…why don’t you go to a mountain side?

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