White Temple(Kinkakuji 金閣寺 Golden Temple)

It has been freezing in Osaka,Kobe,Nara and Kyoto from last weekend.

We hadn’t seen snow in this winter season until last weekend.
It rarely snows in Osaka….so, i hadn’t seen snow in Osaka for few years.
It snowed in Osaka,Kobe,Nara and especially Kyoto last weekend.

I went to Golden temple in Kyoto yeasterday, It snowed hard there.
As you know Golden temple is popular in Kyoto among both Japanese and foreigners.
so, you can see the temple anytime….but, it rarely see the golden temple was covered by a blanket of snow.

how can i tell you?…a snow-clad the temple is really fabulously beautiful…The beauty of the temple with snow took my breath away….
If you have a chance, you must visit to the temple with your camera in snowing.

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