Japanese Traditional Doll’s Festival Tour in Nara.
(The tour are available from 4th●5th●11th●12th●18th●19th●25th●26th in March)

The Doll’s fastival is called “Hinamatsuri(ひな祭り)”
“Hinamatsuri is each March 3rd for girls
Most family with girls in display a set of dolls(Hina-Ningyo) and pray the sound growth of girls in the family.

There are many Japanese traditional houses in the village and
displaying dolls in those houses are open the public from March 1st to March 31st.

So,you can see some valuable traditional houses and a walk through the village numerous Hina-Ningyo(Japanese traditional doll) displaying

And the village built about 450 years ago…the old town wes free from damages by air raids during World WarⅡ….so,the village has not changed from 450 years ago.
I feel as though I were back to 450 years ago when i stroll around in the village.

This village has a unique temple in mountainside.
The temple has many small and big buddha statues

So,if you want to experience Japanese traditional culture and if you want to different experience with others,you should join this tour!!!

Meeting point : your hotel in Osaka
Departure time : 8:00am

Duration :approx 8 hours

Inclusions :
・visit the temple(include fee)
・Walking tour
・Teach Osaka dialect

Exclusions :
・Transportation fee
・Admission fee

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