Japanese New Style Noodles(Sobaそば蕎麦)

One of Japanese new style noodle is “French fries Soba”
French fries Soba is just simple….french fries on the noodle(Sobaそば蕎麦)
The taste is….you should try it.

The “French fries Soba” is this shop original menu.
So,anywhere you can’t eat itt….you can eat it only this shop.

Second one is “Tsukimi Ankake Tenpura Soba”(月見あんかけ天ぷらそば)

“Ankake” means starchy sauce
“Tsukimi月見” means moon.
So,a thin omelette and Tenpura are used as a symbol of the moon because of their round shape.

The thin omelette and the tenpura covered the noodels(Sobaそば蕎麦) with starchy sauce.
My bone was getting hot after “Tsukimi Ankake Tenpura Soba”…because of the starchy sauce.
Tsukimi Ankake Tenpura Soba is good for winer season!!!

Tamago Kake Gohan(卵かけご飯) is just simple Japanese staple breakfast.
It’s simple…a raw egg mixed with rice and soy sauce

Most of Japaneese people likes Tamago Kake Gohan(卵かけご飯)
I like it!!!….you must try it when you come to Japan.

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