Truly Japan

Do you have interest in Japanese traditional town?
Where is Japanese traditional town in Japan?…I think you might image “Kyotyo”

Actually,there are many Japanese traditional houses,temples and has rich histrys in Kyoto.
And most visiters would visit to Kyoto who interest in Japanese cultures.

unfortunately,Kyoto is dead….because,there are so many visiters anywhere in Kyoto…
for exampl,restaurants,bus,train,hotel and temple….So,you could not be relaxed in Kyoto when you visit there.

So,you should try to find a new nice place in Japan.

I went to an old town few weeks ago.
There is not so many people in the old town…only few visiters…the old town is known to local people….not in guidebooks.

The old town builed about 450 years ago…the old town wes free from damages by air raids during World WarⅡ….so,the old town has not changed from 450 years ago.

I felt like i was back to 450 years ago when i strolled around in the old town.
So,if you want to see a truly Japanese old town, you should visit there!!!

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