Kyoto Oohara Sanzen-In(大原三千院)

Sanzen-in Temple is located the north of Kyoto
It takes about 1hour half from Kyoto station by bus.
Most of temples are very busy and can’t be relaxed in Kyoto….becasue of many visiters

But,there is not so many visites in Sanzen-in Temple…because,it’s far from Kyoto.
and I recommend professional or amateur photographers Sanzen-in Temple.
Sanzen-in Temple has so beautiful garden.

It’s excellent place to take a photo in the garden and Sanzen-in Temple is most photographed garden in Japan.

Japanese photographers comes to Sanzen-in Temple to take photo
So,if you want to take a nice photo in Kyoto,you should go to Sanzen-in Temple!!!

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