Just my simple lunch.

I ate ”Kasu-Soba(かすそば)” and “Inarissushi(いなりすし)”
actually,Kasu Udon(かすうどん) is popular in Osaka.
But,i prefer to Soba to Udon…so,i ordered Kasu-Soba.

Kasu(かす) means Aburakasu(油かす)
Aburakasu(油かす) is small intestine of beef.
Kasu-Soba or Kasu-Udon has a peculiar flavor because its soup broth contains ‘Aburakasu,’ deep-fried chopped plump small intestine of beef

Kasu-Udon or Kasu-Soba is one of famous food in Osaka
You can not eat Kasu-Udon or Kasu-Soba outside of Osaka

and Inarizushi is a kind of sushi made of aburaage (deep-fried tofu) stuffed with rice

It was just Japanese simple lunch style
Why don’t you eat them when you come to Osaka?

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