Katsu-Don(Pork Cutlet Rice Bowl●カツ丼)

There are many type of Donburi-mono (a bowl of boiled rice with ingredients on top) in Japan

well-known Japanese dishes are those from the donburi family, like gyudon (with beef),tendon (with tempura), unadon (with eel), oyakodon (with egg and chicken) and Katsu-Don

Katsu-Don is a dish that combines cooked pork and an egg with sweet syouyu or soy bean sauce in a rice bowl.

most of Japanese style restaurants serve Katsu-Don
But,Pork cutlets are very thin in most of restaurants
But,this restaurant serves very thick pork cutlets and twe layers on the rice with Miso-soup and pickle….

The price is 950JPY

If you want to eat something a lot,you must try it.
I bet you that your stomach will be full….you might not move after you eat this Katsu-Don all.

Why don’t you try it?

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