What is Nara local dish?

There are some local dishes in Nara
One of famous local Nara dishe is Kakinoha Sushi(柿の葉すし)
Kakinoha Sushi wrapped with persimmon leaves….

and other one is Japanese tea rice porridge….we called “Chagayu(茶粥)”
“Chagayu(茶粥)” made from boiled down Roasted Tea “Hojicha(ほうじ茶)”
We eat Chagayu with toppings

It is often eaten with various toppings such as tsukemono (Japanese pickled vegetables), umeboshi (pickled plums), shiokara (salted fish entrails), shirasuboshi (dried young sardines), tsukudani (various ingredients such as seafood and seaweed cooked in sweetened soy sauce) and peanuts.

Chagayu is low calories and easy to digest…so,it’s healthy dish!!!
You can also enjoy different Chagayu(茶粥) with various toppings depending on the season.

the restaurant is a renovated old Japanese traditional house
And the Chagayu restaurant has a Japanese garden.
You can eat while looking at the beautiful garden

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